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Custom House Tattoo studio is glad to welcome you. If you are looking to get a tattoo professional art piece on your skin, then we are here to help you to prepare original design, to choose the best style and artist. Everything to make your most interesting and bold ideas come true with high professionalism, comfort and safety. The price of every unique tattoo is different and it depends on a size, placement, style and technique.

About Us

Its a well known fact that tattoo industry in Ukraine and also all over the world evolve rapidly. New styles and techniques appears and equipment becomes better day by day. That give us unlimited opportunity to beautify our bodies the way we want to. Our studio is following the trends, and we put a team of the best artists together for you to make your most bold ideas come true with high quality and comfort.


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Tattoo art

We offer you Art Tattoo of any kinds, styles, size and level of complexity. We guarantee you individual approach and high safity. Only best equipment and artists to give you the most high quality and unique tattoo.

Permanent makeup

powdered eyebrows,
powdered lips,
powdered eyelashes