Custom House Tattoo is a team that always works for a result with a guarantee of quality. For us, each client is special. Many years of experience allow us to find a compromise and the opportunity to realize your ideas. We work in all styles, we use the best branded one-time materials. Our instruments undergo the highest level of sterilization. 5 experienced artists, 10,000+ tattoos done, 8000+ satisfied customers, 1000+ positive reviews on google maps.

Our story

Custom House Tattoo, a relatively young brand that was founded in 2016. The basic idea behind the creation was the desire to bring together professionals working in different styles in one place.

And it started with four tattoo artists who knew each other for a long time, but at that moment worked separately from each other. Everyone had its own individual stylistic, but they were united by one idea - their tattoo parlor. That's how the brand called "Custom House Tattoo" was created.

The name was chosen not by chance. It is symbolic enough and emphasizes our work as much as possible. The word "Custom" means individually made according to client order. The word "House" is like our home that symbolizes a place where not just strangers come together, but a company of people who have known each other for a long time and have been working in this industry for a while. And also who are united by a common interest and attempt to develop together, share new ideas and professional experiences.

The Custom House Tattoo logo is an all-seeing eye that is associated with a hundred-dollar bill. In addition, this sign is present in the interior of the studio. The main idea of ​​a decor was specifically designed in the style of "Masonic Lodge", where the basic attributes are the same all-seeing eye, chess tile and mirror ceiling!


Each customer is unique to us, with his wishes, ideas, preferences, and conceptions about the end result. Therefore, the individual approach to work is a priority for us. To make a tattoo is to draw an image on the skin instead of canvas that will remain throughout life.

The first task for us is to try to understand what the client expects. After that, find out the style of the future tattoo, the size, the location on the body. In this case, we ask our clients to provide materials (photos, images, examples of works) that would help us orient in the end. Based on this develop a sketch of the tattoo.

Actually, this stage is one of the most important. From our experience many clients don't understand exactly what it should be. We have a difficult task - to formulate the idea as clearly as possible and to transform it into a perfect tattoo.

Being a tattoo artist is not just a job, it is much more. Joy is exactly the emotion that both parties receive: directly the client who will get it and the tattoo artist who makes it! This is a fruit that is obtained by joint efforts and which makes us happy!

Our mission is to satisfy all the client's artistic fantasies, to bring ideas to life, and the main thing is to do our work qualitative and professional!