It would seem that a tattoo you decide to make on your body is your own business and there can be no restrictions. However, there are countries where this process is under control at the legislative level or even prohibited altogether.

Let's take a closer to consider at countries seeking to regulate the tattoo industry:

1 Asian countries:

- China and Vietnam are socialist countries with conservative views on life where of course any human activity does not pass without state control, including the tattoo industry. If once a tattoo carried a noble meaning such as wisdom, courage or personification of a man with nature, today the situation has changed. The owners of tattoos today are representatives of criminal gangs. Therefore, these states seek as much as possible to cut off any expression of this art from the people. The government of China has recently been banned from making tattoos for all celebrities, including players on football teams.

- Japan though a democratic country, but just like in China, tattooing is a major attribute of the Yakuza gang. Therefore, any body art will consider an identifier for the criminal group. Besides, the law requires medical education to become a tattoo artist. Having a tattoo is a negative sign even for tourists. Often in hotels at swimming pools area or saunas, you can find signs with the prohibition of a visible tattoo on the body.

- South Korea is in solidarity with Japan in getting a medical license for tattoo artists. This is created to counteract accidents or fatalities during the tattooing process.

- North Korea although a totalitarian country, but strangely enough, there is no complete prohibition on tattoos. However, it is not so easy. If you decide to make a tattoo that is not dedicated to the Korean leader's or party, you are most likely sent to prison.

- Thailand and Sri Lanka, compared to other Asian countries, on the contrary, like body art. But there are some limitations. Since Buddhism is the main religion in these countries, making a tattoo in the form of a Buddha head or other religious implication is unacceptable and even forbidden by law.

2.The United States of America is a unique country because in that each state has its own rules and prohibitions on body art. For example, the rule to ban a tattoo on a minor without parental consent sometimes notarized, such as in Kentucky is spelled out in low practically in every state. Also, in Hawaii, an ear tattoo is allowed only by licensed doctors.

3.Europe has always been famous for progressive views on things that are often unacceptable, such as in Muslim or Asian countries. However, there are some rules here as well. However, there are also some rules here. In Germany and France, there is an absolute ban on tattoos in the form of Nazi symbols. For such a violation, you can go to jail.

4.Muslim and Middle Eastern countries where religious dogmas are a priority for a principal of life have absolute control over tattoos.

Therefore, quoting the Koran or other religious attributes on the body is strictly forbidden. As for Turkey, which allows tattooing but such art is not welcome. Iran has a strict attitude towards demonstrating body images and is severely punished imprisonment.

Fortunately, in Ukraine are no prohibitions and limitations in the tattoo industry. So do not restrain yourself from realizing the most original artistic fantasies. To make this, you only need to choose the best tattoo artist and transform the idea into reality.