In addition, put a tattoo on the hand is going to look wonderful as for big tattoos as delicate small, what women prefer the most.

But before applying the desired image to your hand, take some advices of our tattoo artist.

1.The size of the tattoo. In our previous article on "Tips on how to select a place for a tattoo", we have indicated that the arm can be divided into two parts: the top and the bottom. This is what you need to start when determining the size of a tattoo. After all, you can create large tattoos at the top, pick realism style or another style with a specific storyline. Most often such tattoos on hand are suitable for men. Although the feature of this area is that even small images will look nice and neat enough.

As for the lower part, your tattoo artist should design a sketch so that the image looks proportional to the size and volume of the hand.

However, if you love tattoos and do not want to dwell on one, then a full sleeve tattoo is exactly what you need. Also, pay attention to one detail: begin drawing such an image from the forearm, moving along the arm. This way, the tattoo artist will be able to show his imagination, and you will get a unique decor of the body.

2.The price of work. Of course, the prices for the tattoo are directly dependent on the size of the image. Also, if you make a tattoo in Lviv, it will be much cheaper than in big cities or even abroad. In addition, the cost ranges from the professionalism and experience of a tattoo artist. If you decide to make a colored tattoo, keep in mind that it will take a lot more time and money.

3.Color and style. Here you need to get out of your tastes and likes. However, both black-and-white and color tattoos can look equally amazing. Get to know more and link to our previous article "What is the first tattoo style?", where we described in detail the most popular tattoo styles.

Nowadays, to make tattoos are popular among men and women. Therefore, what image you plan to put, at what place in a body, in which style or color depends only on your wishes, likes, and capabilities. Our team of tattoo artists only gives recommendations that should be considered before drawing. Read the next article for more ideas and sketches for a tattoo on your hand that you might want to make for yourself.