The profession of a tattoo artist is equal to the art creator. And if you decide to begin a career in body art, then you chose an exciting adventure of a lifetime. The artists of Custom House Tattoo Studio share helpful tips from their own experience on how to become a tattoo artist.

1. Mastering the profession of an artist is probably the most important aspect. After all, tattooing is an art that requires not only experience but also the talent and abilities of a person to draw. At least you should take a drawing course and even better graduate art school. For example, to create a black-and-white tattoo, you need to know how to properly shade and light to convey the realistic image. Also, portrait tattoos are some of the most difficult to create. It is important to understand the anatomy of the human face to display in detail all facial features.

2.Practice drawing, learn to reproduce objects on paper, create your designs. Train based on the sketches of famous tattoo artists. For this, use different tools. Start with a pencil, then you can draw with a pen. That is, your hand should get used to the heavy tool because in the future it is going to be the tattoo machine. Don't forget about your portfolio. Save the best images as an example of works.

3. Draw on curved planes. To improve the technique, use items that do not have a flat surface. These can be fruits, vegetables that kind of mimic the curved lines of the human body. Besides, if you are confident in your skills, you can apply temporary tattoos with henna or marker.

4.Introduction to the equipment. Intently study the types of tools, what's the difference, and what each one uses. First of all, you will need ink, needles and a tattoo machine. But it has to be something inexpensive because your goal is to learn how to hold the machine, feel the vibration and be able to work during it. Use the same fruits and vegetables to practice, or buy artificial skin to learn how to apply the tattoo to the required depth.

5. Practice with the best tattoo artists. If after persistent drawing lessons, you have not lost the goal of mastering the profession of a tattoo artist, then you need to advance to a higher level. We recommend becoming a student in any tattoo parlor. Try to make a deal with a friend or an acquaintance who is a tattoo artist or enroll in tattoo courses. As an experiment, make your tattoo on your own skin.

If you persistently improve your artistic skills and practice tattooing as recommended by our artists, you will soon be able to realize yourself in the profession of a tattoo artist.