Sometimes a tattoo can say a lot about its owner. But is that like so, is hard to say. However, the delicate minimalist tattoos testify to the perfectionism and restraint of the individual. In these small drawings can be encrypted deep content.
What is this style?

A new trend that focuses on the simplicity of things. Minimalism has become popular not only in the field of body art, but also in lifestyle, in an interior, and the arts. The austerity and restraint of tattoos is represented by geometric lines, where the small size of the image and the use of a minimum space on the body are important. Sometimes, simple things can be brilliant. People who want to make a tattoo in a minimalistic style, try in a such way to put on the skin some memory, a significant moment, a landmark or principle of life. Also, tattoos have a versatile look that is suitable for both men and women.

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Simple lines that wrap your hand emphasize the rigor and perfection of geometry. In the center of the black bar is a star sign that can have several meanings: success, achievement, transformation, hope or ambition.

It is a philosophical tattoo that combines many symbolic elements. At the center is an all-seeing eye that connects vectors through which knowledge of the world and ourselves passes.

Confidently to say that this is one tattoo for two. The connection of souls in combination with the acquisition of the modern world - internet communications and devices.

The world is a journey. Open the horizons and discover the world. Or, the oceans and continents are not an obstacle to the discovery of the world. That's what this tattoo is about. Also, it aesthetically depicts the entire planet.

A black heart is a symbol that signifies a break in relationships, experiences, and memories. It's a bridge which connects the present and the past.

As you can see, minimalism is a fantasy that has no limits. Tattooing only means what you put in this meaning. If you decide to visit a tattoo parlor, you must clearly articulate the idea of ​​a future image. So that the artist can create the perfect sketch of the tattoo that only you will have.