The Custom House Tattoo Studio is a team of professional tattoo artists who will help to embody even the most complicated artistic images on your body. Our goal is to help the visitors of our web site, and potential future clients of our tattoo salon get to know more about the art of tattooing. We want to share with you interesting information about tattoo styles and features, the history and the hidden meanings of body paintings and inscriptions. We will do our best in order to convince you that the tattoo is cool!

26 February 2020

Hand Tattoo Part 2

Our Custom house tattoo team offers sketches and ideas for arm tattoos that are suitable not only for men, but also for girls, depending on the size, color and location on the arm.

27 January 2020

Hand tattoo Part 1

One of the most popular spots for a tattoo was and still is a hand. That is due to the fact that this area is directly within sight of the tattoo owners and is visible to other people.

02 January 2020

Tips on how to choose a place for a tattoo

When choosing a future tattoo design, it is equally important to select a place to put it. The artist of our tattoo salon will share their professional experience to choose the right spot for a tattoo that looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

26 December 2019

How to take care of a new tattoo

A new tattoo needs a set of procedures for proper care. In the future, this will provide a bright and rich look for as long as possible. So, the advice of our tattoo artist will be helpful.

24 December 2019

What style to choose for the first tattoo?

To make the first tattoo is a serious act. But what style and drawing to choose, what size, which tattoo to apply?

20 November 2019

Historical facts about tattooing

A tattoo is an ancient way of decorating the body. History shows that in different civilizations of the world, there was a technique of painting on the body. Learn more about what tattoos symbolized in different eras, and how meaningful it got nowadays.