To make the first tattoo is a serious act. But what style and drawing to choose, what size, which tattoo to apply? We decide briefly to introduce tattoo styles. Because each style can highlight the individuality or character of the person. Make your conclusions and choose what is closest to you.

Top 10 most popular tattoo styles:

1.Realism or a portrait tattoo usually creates in gray-black shades and reflects the real image of people, animals or elements of our being. To make such a imagine the tattoo artist must have extensive experience and professionalism. It is important to convey the smallest details, features, and elements that will give a tattoo an alive look.

2.New School - reflects a kind of hyperbole, combined with elements of caricatures. Usually, this type of tattoo uses imagines with characters of fairy tales, comic book heroes and other characters. It's a style in bright and rich colors.

3.Trash polka for bold personalities. A brutal style that is completely different from all other styles.  It is characterized by such unusual elements as the skull, weapons, images of strictly realistic images. It can look chaotic and blurry. To make this tattoos use black ink, sometimes combined with red inserts.

4.Chicano style originated in the United States among Mexican gangs. However, it has gained popularity beyond this environment. This style displays topics such as gang life realities and their difficult lifestyles. Typical elements of Chicano tattoos are money, weapons, religious signs of the cross, images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, masks, watches and etc.

5.Traditional or old school style is characterized as a style in bright colors with clear contours. To make tattoos is used simple things with a rebellious nature. For example, heart with a dagger and a rose, flames, anchors, female images, wildlife and birds, marine fauna and more are used.

6.Tribal is a style originates from ancient tribes, that in the past meant belonging to a particular tribe. These are sophisticated lines that in the aggregate give a beautiful ornament on the body. These tattoos based on symbols of bravery and strength of a warrior. Also,  such images was chosen by men, because they could perfectly emphasize the relief of the body.

7.Ornamental tattoo has a symbolic character. It's not just a beautiful image, it's a tattoo bearing hidden content encrypted by Polynesian tribes. Before choosing this style, explore the value and meaning of a future tattoo.

8.Black and white tattoo is one of the most recognizable and popular styles. There can be a variety of images, from ornament and portrait to a variety of captions. Very often, these tattoos are used as a specific symbol to signify an event, moment or something special to a person. Their advantage is the stability and clarity of the image.

9.Japanese tattoo is like a picture drawn on the human body. If you do not plan to stop on one image, then this is what you need. This style has a centuries-old history and conveys the philosophical foundations of human existence in the wild, the harmony of thoughts and their existence, religious aspects.

10. Surrealism style tattoo for those who enjoy large color images. Literally, can say that the body acts as a canvas for the artist.  The combination of different elements of people, plants or objects creates one solid image. Surrealistic style is the free imagination of the artist embodied in the tattoo.

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