Tattooing is a test of bravery. It is well known to everyone that such a procedure is painful. And most likely, the theory of the different pain thresholds for women and men does not work here. There are usually less painful places. This is due to our physiology: the parts of the body with many muscles, the location of the nerve endings or the amount of subcutaneous fat. However, the desire to decorate one's body cannot stop the fan of tattoos.

Custom House Tattoo artists will share their experiences and help you find the perfect place for a tattoo if you are scared of pain:

1. The upper back, which has thick skin and the presence of muscles, makes it the perfect place for large images. The pain of tattooing is moderate enough and sometimes insignificant (in the men's case). However, the ridge area should be avoided.

2. The shoulder, according to its physiological structure, is created to be tattooed. It is one of the most popular areas of the body, especially among men. Due to more muscles that block pain signals and fewer nerve endings, this place may be considered perfect for a tattoo.

3. Forearm - a lower part of an arm, which like the shoulder does not have many nerve endings. The outer part of the forearm has a thick skin and in the aggregate, it does not cause acute pain. However, care must be taken not to touch the bone part of the wrist.

4.Thighs characterized by a large number of muscles and a thick layer of fat (in the female case), which allows creating an interesting and big tattoo. However, this only applies to the outside area. Should be careful because to make a tattoo the inside of your thigh gives you the exact opposite feeling.

5.The back of the shin (calf) is an ideal place for people who want to have a tattoo but don't tolerate pain. A large layer of adipose, combined with muscle and a small number of nerve endings, describes pain from low to moderate levels.

Be aware that the artists of our tattoo studio have informed you. So now in a session with the tattoo artist, you will enjoy the process of tattooing instead endure the pain.