Permanent make-up is at the peak of popularity, not only in Lviv, but all over the world, and has already gained great love and affection among women. And it is understandable why. This procedure frees yourself from putting on makeup daily. At a minimum, it will save you time and money, at the maximum - you will always have perfect lip contours, eyebrow symmetry, and clear appearance

Today, there are 2 types of different styles of tattoos - microblading and powder tattoo. The main difference between these methods is the visual effect.

Let's explain the differences, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as for whom it's suitable.

Microblading is a type of permanent make-up that is applied by hand with a special pen. This technique of application consists in the creation of micro incisions, lines, strokes which are filled with pigment.

Powder tattoo is performed by a device that operates by applying a tiny multi-point application of pigment on the skin which creates the effect of shading. This technique is less invasive, i.e. the pigment does not penetrate deep into the skin.


1. The sense of pain.

Microblading is considered a rather unpleasant procedure, because during the technique small incisions are made at a sufficient depth of the epidermis, which injures the skin.

Powder tattoo is superficial and almost painless. With a special device the pigment is applied only superficially, without any injury to the skin.

2. Visual effect.

Microblading gives a natural effect and is less visible. For example, during an eyebrow tattoo procedure, the master applies the pigment in the form of strokes, as if imitating hair in areas where there is no hair growth, or insufficient hair density.

Powder tattoo is more saturated and expressive, creating the effect of applying eyebrow pencil or lipstick. This is for beauties who love makeup and want to make certain areas of the face more expressive.

3. Longevity.

Of course, this aspect often depends on lifestyle, skin type, sun protection and so on. In general, for each type of permanent makeup, longevity is as follows:

microblading - the effect without correction will last from 12 to 18 years

powder tattoo - lasts longer from 18 to 36 months

In addition to these main differences, microblading also has disadvantages such as:

  • Not suitable for oily and a combination of skin types that only a trained master can inform you about.
  • Prolonged healing of the skin is required, to find out which corrections are necessary.

The choice is always up to you, but most of the benefits are in favor of powder tattooing. And if you decide to get a tattoo of eyebrows, lips or eyelids then we gladly invite you to the studio Custom House Tattoo in Lviv. You will be surprised by our prices, especially when you see the result and the service we provide.