The result that you get in the tattoo parlor is worth all the unpleasant feelings. And while this procedure may not cause you any discomfort, however, your body may respond to it completely differently. We will not hide that tattooing is quite traumatic for the skin. Therefore, we want to give you the most helpful recommendations to minimize any pain you may have during a session.

How is it related to food and why it is necessary to eat before going to the tattoo parlor?

The tattooing session sometimes takes a long time and can be very stressful. It is better to prepare the body for it. During the procedure, adrenaline is released. It means that your nervous system begins to respond to it as a threat to health. This leads to a decrease in blood sugar and, as a consequence, nausea, a headache, and an exacerbation of pain.

Can I eat during a session?

We do not recommend eating during the tattoo procedure. Because your nervous system is actively responding to a life-threatening procedure and trying to accumulate as much energy as possible by slowing your metabolism. As a result, the stomach stops working and digesting food.

What should I eat before tattooing?

You need to maintain a good water balance, so you must consume large quantities of liquid. Also, use foods that contain importantly for organism vitamins and elements such as selenium and vitamins A and C, which have anti-inflammatory effects and promote rapid wound healing. Protein food (meat, fish, nuts) is something you should eat before the procedure.

Avoid carbohydrates that can increase blood sugar. But you should be careful of alcohol. It can bring about thin blood. During the procedure, it can heavily bleed.

Follow advices of the our tattoo artists to tattooing will only cause you pleasant associations. Custom House Tattoo is always waiting for its customers to create interesting and sophisticated tattoos.